Every quarter, our cohort is made up of associate and consultant teams that tackle innovative and impactful human-centered design projects over the course of 6 weeks.

Our Cohort Structure

Design Associate

These are mentored teams focused on solving exploratory, out-of-the-box problems with the goal of developing design skills with other growing designers.


An interest in human-centered design / user experience is all we're looking for!

Design Consultant

These are non-mentored teams consisting of more experienced designers focused on providing design solutions for clients in order to solve real-world problems.


Completed a significant user experience design project such as internship experience, DES 112 final project, or a Design Associate project

Our Sprint Process

As an associate, you'll be given an exploratory-based project to tackle in a team over the span of 6 weeks. As a consultant, you will be working with other experienced designers on any client projects that come in. These projects range from digital prototypes to physical experiences, and follow the design process split into four sprints, giving you the opportunity for hands-on work in each step.




Intro to UX & Infosession

We're kicking off our Fall Recruitment with an Infosession during Week 1! This is your chance to meet members and learn about Design Interactive, our past work, and how to join. RSVP on our Facebook Event Page to be updated with more details.


Applications Open

We'll be releasing the application here at 7PM PT sharp, so stay tuned!


Application Workshop

We'll be walking through the application, providing tips and tricks as you tackle the design challenge this week. If you're looking for some guidance, this is the place to ask questions! RSVP on our Facebook Event Page to be updated with more details.


UX Intern Panel

Hear from previous UX interns at companies such as, New Relic, and more. They'll be sharing about their experiences over the summer, and provide some insight on recruiting for internship roles and tackling the industry workplace. RSVP on our Facebook Event Page to be updated with more details.


Office Hours

Want additional help? We’ll be holding virtual office hours every day starting Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 until the application deadline — feel free to ask us questions, seek guidance for the challenge, or just have someone to talk to about design. Sign up instructions will be posted here soon.


Applications Due

The application will be due at 11:59PM PT; submit through the application form. 



We'll be reviewing applications as they come in, and will send out invites via email to select applicants for 15-min remote interviews. These are quick chats to learn more about you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligble to apply?

We’re looking for undergraduates of all majors at UC Davis with a love for design! Prospective applicants must be willing to commit to 6 weeks (Week 3 to Week 9) of the quarter in order to participate in a team.

I’m new to design/UX/product design. Should I still apply?

Our goal here at Design Interactive is to help build up designers through hands-on work, and so we’re looking for the best and brightest designers, no matter the skill set. As long as you’re excited about design, we’d love for you to join!

What are the time commitments for the quarter?

Associates are placed in teams, and thus must be willing to commit to the 6 week time-frame (from Week 3 to Week 9). We estimate associates will be working around 4-6 hours a week, spent on —

1. Team meetings (2 hours)

2. Individual, remote work

3. 1 hour cohort meetings every Monday, 6-7PM PT

Consultants have variable time commitments.

How does the current coronavirus pandemic affect Design Interactive?

All of our Fall 2020 meetings will be on Zoom! We look forward to seeing you there!

Do I have to be a Design major?

Absolutely not! We take people of all majors — from Economics to Cognitive Science to Statistics! We give no preference to particular majors, as great design teams are built from diverse backgrounds.

Am I required to attend Recruitment events to apply?

Attendance at the Infosession, Application Workshop, and the Intern Panel is not required to apply, but come out if you're looking to be involved in the UX community!

What can I expect to learn by being a part of Design Interactive?

You’ll be working in a small team doing research, prototyping, testing, and more. Be ready to learn about —

◦ Practicing the human-centered design method, by being passionate in understanding the user's perspective when developing solutions to problems.

◦ Picking up and practicing different design techniques (ex. user research, usability testing) and tools (ex. Figma) critical to the field

◦ Working collaboratively in teams, balancing opinions and reaching agreement, and helping support each other's growth

FALL 2020

Apply for our Fall 2020 Cohort! 

Applications are due on October 12th at 11:59PM PT.

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