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Join us as we kick off our cohorts every start of the quarter! We’re all about motivating young designers into becoming more passionate about their design work, through tackling client projects and learning hands-on in the human-centered design process.

Spring 2020

Our applications are now closed.

Check back later this year for our Fall recruiting season!

So what project work does DI do?


Design Sprint 1


Design Sprint 2


Design Sprint 3

Prototyping / User Feedback

Design Sprint 4

High-Fidelity Prototype, Final Presentation


Over the span of 6 weeks, associates are placed into design teams and given a client-based project to tackle. These projects range from digital prototypes to physical experiences, and follow the design process split into four sprints, allowing associates to do hands-on work in each step.

Recruitment Process

Open Meeting #1

During Week 1 of every quarter, we’ll kick off DI with Open Meeting #1. This is your chance to meet members and learn about Design Interactive. Our Spring 2020 Open Meeting #1 is on Wedneday, April 1st. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this meeting will be hosted virtually. Please ensure a quiet environment and stable internet connection to participate. RSVP on Facebook to be updated with more details.

Design Challenge + Written Application

During our Week 1 meeting, we will also introduce the design challenge / application. Don’t worry, we will teach you what you need to know to complete the design challenge. The challenge and application are due Wednesday, April 8th 11:59PM PDT.


After the application deadline, we will be holding quick, 15-20 minute interviews get to know you in an informal chat. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this will be done by video call.


Who’s eligible to apply?

We’re looking for undergraduates of all majors at UC Davis with a love for design! Prospective applicants must be willing to commit to 6 weeks (Week 3 to Week 9) of the quarter in order to participate in a team.

Do I have to be a Design major?

Absolutely not! We take people of all majors -- from Economics to Cognitive Science to Statistics! We give no preference to particular majors, as great design teams are built from diverse backgrounds.

How committed are associates?

Associates are placed in teams, and thus must be willing to commit to the 6 week time-frame (from Week 3 to Week 9). We estimate associates will be working around 6-8 hours a week, spent on --

  1. Team meetings
  2. Individual, remote work
  3. 1.5 hour Open Meetings every Wednesday from 7:30 - 9:00.

Am I required to attend Open Meeting #1 to apply?

No, however it is strongly encouraged, as you will be meeting members and other recruits!

I’m new to Design / UX / Product Design. Should I still join?

Our goal here at Design Interactive is to help build up designers through hands-on work, and so we’re looking for the best and brightest designers, no matter the skill set. As long as you’re excited about design, we’d love for you to join!

What can I expect to learn in these 6 weeks of team-based work?

You’ll be working in a small team doing research, prototyping, testing, and more. Some of our learning objectives include --

  • Practicing the human-centered design method, by being people passionate in developing solutions to problems.
  • Picking up and practicing different design techniques (ex: usability testing) and tools (ex: Figma, InVision, Photoshop) critical to the design field
  • Understanding how to work and pace yourself in a team, simulating a real-world design team environment! But most importantly, building community with fellow design team-members.

How does the current coronavirus pandemic affect Design Interactive?

All of our Spring Quarter meetings are tentatively planned as remote meetings. As a new member, you will be able to work remotely.